Agisa Divises

What is Agisa Divisas?

Agisa Divisas is an Andorran fixed-income OIC whose purpose is the acquisition of transferable securities and other financial assets, directly through other investment funds, mainly referenced in US dollars, although it can also invest in assets in Canadian dollars. , Swiss francs, Japanese yen and euros. This investment fund is aimed at clients who wish to invest in fixed-income assets, issued in currencies, mainly in US dollars. The recommended minimum investment horizon in Agisa Divisas, FI is 3 years. This fund is capitalization. The recommended minimum investment horizon will be 3 years. This fund is capitalization.

What is the Fund's strategy?

The fund's strategy is mainly based on obtaining a return similar to the American fixed income market through investment in instruments mainly denominated in USD. The fund will have exposure to the money market, bonds and other UCIs. It is characterized by its flexibility and low duration exposure to minimize interest rate risk. This compartment focuses on the preservation of capital in the medium and long term.


How do we get it?

Risk management becomes a fundamental element. The fund's mandate is to obtain a return similar to that of the US dollar against the euro, mitigating as much as possible the possible risks associated with fixed income. It is important to highlight the exhaustive control of credit risk, so we will never find obligations without a rating or with a low credit rating. Fund duration will generally be low to minimize the impact in changing rate environments.

How is the Fund built?

The fund is comprised of a concentrated portfolio of 8-10 assets divided between money market, direct fixed income and other specialized USD fixed income ICOs.

Who is it for?

The funds are aimed at investors whose moderate risk profile can withstand the risk of exchange rates, as well as the uncertainty in relation to the interest rate curve. However, its flexible and conservative nature means that it is exposed to very low volatility compared to other funds on the market.