Financial Advisors - Investing Solutions

Founded 38 years ago to provide the best service to our customers.

Agisa was incorporated on 3 May 1984 with the aim of managing securities and financial investments.

After 26 years of managing our investment funds with good results and a consolidated investment strategy, in 2017 we decided to take the leap and start offering discretionary management and financial advisory services.

For us, each client is unique, so each one receives personalised and exclusive attention, studying the investment expectations of each one of them, and implementing the most appropriate solution for their investment profile.

In 2021 we have incorporated three people as wealth managers and two as portfolio managers.

We are the oldest independent investment entity in the Principality of Andorra, with 38 years of experience behind us.


Why choose Agisa?

For our experience of more than 30 years
For the consistency of our results.
Quality and priority to our clients.
Our own and different management style.
Focused on the business of investing.
We align ourselves with the client's best interest.

Corporate values


We are a management company that does not have any organic or any other type of dependence on any Andorran or foreign financial institution. This allows us to guarantee total independence with regard to the analysis and management of assets.


We work with the utmost transparency and clarity in all our internal processes and in our relations with our clients. A priority of the entity is the trust between the manager and the client and the fact of maintaining fluid communication.


Our aim is to provide management adapted to your needs. One of our main objectives is to establish solid, long-term relationships with our clients based on trust and the utmost professionalism.


The professionals who make up the AGISA team have more than 20 years of professional experience in the financial sector. Risk control and capital preservation are fundamental pillars in investment decision-making.

The solutions we offer include:

  • Management of proprietary collective investment schemes
  • Discretionary portfolio management with open architecture
  • Independent advice
  • Legal and accounting advice through agreements with independent specialists
  • Third party vehicles management (Mutual Funds or SICAVs)
  • Custodian solutions in EU countries and Switzerland
  • Financial planning
  • Tax advice through agreements with independent specialists