Wealth Management Services

Agisa Wealth Management

25 years of experience in private banking

In a constantly changing and evolving market, having our own management team gives us agility in decision-making and execution. All with the aim of preserving and growing our clients' wealth.

How do we do it?

  • We analyze each case: We sit down with you with a blank sheet of paper and write down your needs and those of your family, in the short / long term. As well as your investment preferences.
  • Transparency: We analyse your portfolio and offer you a tailor-made investment proposal based on our open architecture model.
  • We look after your interests: We achieve a reduction in costs both in the fund classes and in the purchase and sale of securities.
  • Diversification: We diversify your portfolio by asset type, geography, sector and company.
  • Value added: We have agreements with leading European banks to provide the flexibility you need and get the best banking conditions.
  • We only win if you win: We align our interests with yours by working based on results.
  • Added value: We have agreements with leading banks at a European level, thus providing the flexibility you need and obtaining the best banking conditions.

The six main keys of our management service

Portfolio design with an open architecture model.

Continuous review and optimisation of markets and securities.

Changes according to the client's needs and objectives.

Transparency in costs from the outset.

Regular attention from the trusted manager.

Always following our investment principles.

The importance of having a Private Banker

A banker for each client


At Agisa, we believe that having a Private Banker is extremely important for our customers' peace of mind, which is why, from the very first moment, you will have a person who will always be there for you and your family and will attend to all your requests.

With an average of 25 years' experience in the financial world and in customer service, Agisa's Private Bankers establish a relationship of trust with customers, facilitating direct communication by always dealing with the same person.

What will your Private Banker do?

Side by side

Private Bankers work closely with the management team to design an investment portfolio that is fully adapted to the client's objectives.


The objective of the entire team is always the preservation and growth of the client's personal and family wealth.

Investment Committee

The Private Banker regularly attends the investment committee where Agisa's vision of the financial markets and the most attractive securities are discussed and agreed.

At your side

We are proactive, we call you periodically to agree on changes and provide reports on results.

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