Asset Management

Portfolio Management and Advisory Services

In the field of Investment Funds, we offer a variety of vehicles accessible for different wealth ranges, ensuring that our clients find the right product for their financial needs. For those investors whose needs do not fit standard investment funds, we offer a unique discretionary portfolio management service.

Discretionary portfolio management

Our managers build customized portfolios, adapted to the investor profile and specific needs of the client. This service is aimed at clients with assets greater than 500,000 euros, guaranteeing personalized and strategic attention.

Experience and Commitment in portfolio management

AGISA is a great team of professionals and people, with more than 20 years of experience in asset management. We seek excellence in service and add value when making investment decisions.


What is your investment profile?





Conservative: For those seeking to protect their capital, we offer investments in fixed income assets, prioritizing long-term security and stability. Among them, our star fund is AGISA Renda, which is built through a portfolio of fixed income obligations in euros. In the current environment we can expect an annual return of 4% with the assumption of very little risk.

Moderate: For investors willing to assume a certain level of risk in search of a balance between profitability and security, the best option is the AGS Red Flame Absolute Return fund where investments are made under careful risk management. It is designed to adapt to any market circumstance and avoid tail events or risks.

Balanced: Clients who value profitability, but also understand the risks associated with investing in equity markets. They are looking for a diversified portfolio that combines fixed income and variable income investments. The AGISA 2000 fund will be ideal for this type of client since it will allow them to be invested in 35 global companies with high quality benefits.

Aggressive: Investors willing to take on high risk in search of greater long-term benefits. They have financial knowledge and a time horizon focused on the long term. Any of our investment funds are suitable for this client profile.

What is Asset Allocation and why is it important?

It consists of the diversification of investments between different financial assets or markets, in order to optimize performance and/or control the aggregate risk of the portfolio. Asset Allocation is responsible for the large part of the profitability that a portfolio achieves.

This strategy is crucial to achieving the client's investment goals and is carried out taking into account their risk tolerance and time horizon.

At AGISA, we constantly adjust asset allocation to adapt to market changes and maximize the performance of our clients' portfolios.