Agisa 2000

What is Agisa 2000?

Agisa 2000 is an Andorran OIC whose objective is to maximize the capital invested in the medium/long term. It is a mixed variable income fund denominated in euros. You can invest in fixed income and variable income securities. The stock portfolio results from a mix of traditional "core" companies with stable business models and companies with growing business models. Its flexible style means that you can adapt the risk allocation from 25% to 100%. The recommended minimum investment horizon will be 3 years. This fund is capitalization.

What is the Fund's strategy?

The fund's strategy is mainly based on obtaining a return similar to the equity market through investment in companies where we are more convinced and at the same time having the flexibility to protect assets in times of market stress. The concept is that of a flexible mixed fund where the protection of the portfolio is mainly given by the use of the liquidity of the fund. We are talking about a global fund without geographical limitation and that can have investments in currencies other than the euro, although at least the Euro must represent 50% of the portfolio.


How do we get it?

The analysis of the companies becomes a fundamental element. First, they look for large-cap companies with stable business models, recurring margins, and high barriers to entry. This segment constitutes one of the fundamental pillars of the Fund. We use technical market tools to prepare analyzes and filters to detect those companies that generate the best return on their investment in relation to the financial cost. We believe that the ROIC becomes a key element in the analysis of companies. Secondly, a top-down analysis is made of the trends that we believe will prevail in the future to subsequently identify the companies that are best positioned to capture this growth. We are talking, for example, about autonomous mobility companies, solar energy storage, cybersecurity, among others.

How is the Fund built?

The fund is made up of a concentrated portfolio of 35-40 securities and some liquidity. The actions are divided into two blocks practically in equal parts that we call "core and opportunity".

Who is it for?

The funds are aimed at investors with a balanced or aggressive risk profile due to the substantial weight of equities, which will be at least 50% of the fund. However, its flexible nature means that it is exposed to volatilities that are lower than those of the equity market.