Agisa Renda

What is Agisa Renda?

Agisa Renda is an Andorran Mixed Fixed Income OIC whose objective is the acquisition of transferable securities and other financial assets, directly or through other investment funds. The fund will have at least 80% exposure to fixed income. This investment fund is aimed at clients who want to invest in fixed income assets. The fund's objective is to outperform the Euro money market. The minimum recommended investment horizon in Agisa Renda, FI is 3 years. This fund is capitalization.

What is the fund's strategy?

The fund's strategy is mainly based on obtaining a higher return on the money market in euros through investment in fixed-income securities, money market instruments and other OICs. The fund enjoys diversification at the asset class level and geographic exposure to avoid concentration of risk and correlation of strategies. The fund's portfolio is currently made up of the most exciting ideas from external third-party funds. The selection of the management team is based on performance, merit and valuation in order to be exposed to the best funds on the market. The combination of these strategies gives us a highly diversified, flexible fund with the ability to generate value for the client, assuming low volatility. This fund focuses on preserving capital in the medium and long term.


How do we get it?

The fund's mandate is to obtain positive returns on capital, mitigating as much as possible the potential risks associated with the fund without losing sight of the euro fixed income and money market environment. The selection of ideas for the fund is born from the careful study of the best third-party alternatives in the different fields of fixed income. The fund has exposure to OICs from 20 different managers to minimize the risk of strategy concentration. Risk management becomes a fundamental element so that the duration of the fund's investments will generally be short to minimize the impact in environments of changing rates.

How is the Fund built?

The fund is made up of an extensive portfolio of 20-25 assets categorized as money market, European fixed income, American fixed income, global fixed income, alternative fixed income, High Yield, emerging markets and others (equities, absolute return and mixed funds). . The fund has 100% of the assets denominated in EUR.

Who is it for?

The funds are aimed at all types of investors, but especially those with a conservative risk profile.