Asset Management: What is it and how does it work?

The asset management process focuses on making informed and well-informed investment decisions that maximise returns while minimising risk. At Agisa, we work with our clients to offer them Investment Funds or design customised investment portfolios that fit their investment objectives, risk tolerance and liquidity needs.

How does asset management work at Agisa?

As a Management Company of Collective Investment Schemes (SGOIC) at Agisa, we have the power to create, administer and manage collective investment vehicles so that we have Investment Funds with different approaches and levels of risk available to our clients. The needs of our investors do not necessarily fit in with investment funds, where investments are defined in a very precise policy. For this reason, we highlight the exclusive service of discretionary portfolio management as a meticulous task with high added value.

At Agisa, the portfolio construction process begins with a thorough assessment of the client's investment objectives, risk profile and liquidity needs. With this information, we work with the client to design a customised investment portfolio that is tailored to their unique needs.

As the portfolio develops and evolves, we constantly monitor the performance and risk of each asset. We make adjustments to the portfolio as needed to ensure it remains in line with the client's investment objectives.

At Agisa, we understand the importance of transparency and communication with our clients. For this reason, we provide detailed performance reports to our clients.

Why choose Agisa's management?

At Agisa, we strive to provide an exceptional investment experience for our clients. Here are a few reasons why our clients trust us to manage their assets:

  1. Expertise: With over 39 years of asset management experience, our team of investment experts has the knowledge and experience to design and manage effective investment portfolios.
  2. Customisation: We understand that each client has unique investment needs. For this reason, we work with each client to design a customised investment portfolio that fits their investment objectives, risk tolerance and liquidity needs.
  3. Transparency: At Agisa, we value transparency and open communication with our clients. We provide detailed performance reports and meet regularly with clients to discuss the progress of their portfolio.
  4. Investment discipline: At Agisa, we follow a rigorous and well-informed investment discipline. Our long-term investment approach and our carefully evaluated asset selection allow us to maximise portfolio performance while minimising risk.
What are the benefits of asset management?

Asset management offers several benefits to investors, including:
  1. Diversification: By investing in a variety of assets, asset management offers an effective way to diversify an investment portfolio. Diversification helps reduce the risk of a portfolio, as individual assets may react differently to market conditions.
  2. Access to unique investment opportunities: As asset managers, we have access to unique investment opportunities that may not be available to individual investors. These opportunities may include investments in emerging companies, hedge funds and other sophisticated assets.
  3. Professional management: By entrusting asset management to a team of experienced professionals, investors can be confident that their assets are being managed effectively and informed investment decisions are being made.
  4. Saving time and effort: Asset management allows investors to delegate the management of their portfolio to a team of professionals. This can save time and effort, as investors do not have to research and select individual assets themselves.
Who can benefit from asset management?
Anyone from 100Ą could buy an investment fund, whether an individual investor or a company, and those with a higher net worth of more than 250.000Ą could benefit from personalised asset management.

What is the difference between asset management and wealth management?
Asset management and wealth management are two different concepts. Asset management focuses on the management of an investment vehicle or fund that incorporates financial securities or assets and follows an investment policy, whereas wealth management focuses on the management of an individual portfolio for an individual client where the assets are owned by an individual.

How do I know if asset management is right for me?
Asset management can be suitable for anyone who is looking to maximise their investment return while minimising risk. If you don't have the time or expertise to manage your own portfolio, or if you want a customised portfolio that fits your unique needs, asset management may be an excellent option for you.

How do I get started with Agisa for my wealth management?
To get started, simply contact us and we'll schedule an in-person or online meeting to discuss your investment objectives, risk tolerance and liquidity needs. From there, we will work with you to design a customised investment portfolio and begin the asset management process.

Asset management is an investment process that can be an excellent option for investors looking to maximise their investment returns while minimising risk. At Agisa, our team of investment experts has the experience and expertise to design and manage customised investment portfolios that are tailored to each client's unique needs and objectives. With active portfolio management, diversification and rigorous investment discipline, our clients rely on us to help them achieve their long-term investment goals. Contact us today to begin your journey to effective asset management.