AGS Red Flame

What is AGS Red Flame Absolute Return?

AGS Red Flame Absolute Return is an Andorran OIC whose objective is to maximize the capital invested in the medium/long term. It is an absolute return fund denominated in euros. Its main investment focus is European equities. Derivative strategies may be used for hedging or investment purposes. The recommended minimum investment horizon in AGS Red Flame is 3 years. This fund is capitalization.

What is the Fund's strategy?

The fund's strategy is based on two main focuses:

  • Take advantage of the returns offered by the equity market
  • Avoid or minimize risks in case of falls or cover positioning in case of unexpected events.

With these two premises we sometimes seek to decorrelate the equity market fund. Therefore, in negative years for the stock markets, this fund could earn positive returns, but also earn less in positive years for the equity markets.


How do we get it?

After years of study, testing strategies, analyzing markets and types of assets, we have managed to put together different models that allow us to assign the necessary weights to each asset class to create a compact and diversified structure. On the other hand, we use derivatives for the purpose of covering childbirth or the entire investment according to the risk model.

How is the Fund built?

Mainly, we use sector and index ETFs and derivative instruments will be used to hedge. The fund also has the option of investing in any asset class listed on an organized market.

Who is it for?

Due to the use of strategies and instruments classified as complex, this fund is aimed mainly at investors with extensive knowledge of the markets, their products and with risk tolerance. However, its risk control and low volatility compared to exclusively variable income funds mean that this fund can be addressed to any client who wants to position themselves in variable income markets and has the peace of mind that there will be express management to limit risks in the event of of doubts about the evolution of the markets. The client must feel comfortable with our fund and know that in many cases we would rather stop winning than put themselves at risk and lose.